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Bitcoin Trading Tips #1 & #2

WARNING》 Please Trade Responsibly with Your Spare Cash Only.

You can trade with just $50, but you might not see much profit. I suggest a minimum amount of $1000.

For me, I have already invested $15 000. However, for each bitcoin price I buy, I will buy it with $1000 if I am Very Confident, $500 if I am just Confident, and $200 if I am Not so Confident.

[Bitcoin Trading Tips #1:] I divided my $15 000 into 3 parts. For each part, will trade on different bitcoin price ranges. The 1st $5000 is used to buy bitcoin when the bitcoin prices are above $15 000. The 2nd $5000 is used to buy bitcoin when the bitcoin prices are between $12 000 to $15 000. The 3rd $5000 is used to buy bitcoin when the bitcoin prices are below $12 000, and the pattern follows.

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[Bitcoin Trading Tips #2:] I always sell it immediately once I earned because if it is going to fall, it can fall very drastically. If it falls too fast before I can sell, I will use my next amount of money to buy another price again. Anyway, you don't have to worry even if it falls. Bitcoin is very volatile. Therefore, it will rise drastically also and again. In fact, a drastic fall is a great opportunity to buy more and sell later, for even greater profit. 

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